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  Security   How to get to the beach ?  
  • Our driver will pick you up from the crossing point in an our-conditioned car
  • The distance from the road to the beach is one kilometer
  • Entering the beach is only through a locked and guarded gate
  • The beach is guarded around the clock
  • The beach is located in Bir Suar , about 30 kilometers from Nuweiba, 120 kilometers from Sharm El Sheikh. There are flights from Cairo to Taba and Sharm El Sheikh (Airline). Our man will drive you to the beach in an air conditioned car.
  What's in the beach?   What's on the menu ?  
  • Ecological Arabian straw shade huts
  • Sunbathing beds
  • Hammocks , a swing , shadowed chill out places
  • Diving and snorkeling reef
  • A sandy beach
  • Pedaling and fishing boats
What's in the bungalows?

  An uplifted concrete surface with wall -to-wall carpets , quality mattresses , pillows , a mosquito net , a mirror , a shelf , lights and a double socket , a door lock , a balcony overlooking the sea .

  • Fresh sea fish : a red grouper and a white grouper done on coals grill and a variety of extras.
  • meat: kebab on sticks of cinnamon , shish kebab , home-made schnitzel with a variety of extras
  • The well-known Hemagloba which Israel Aharoni wrote about in Yediot Aharonot , Baladu eggplant - the best of its kind in Sinai
  • Sea fruit : Calamari shrimps in different styles prepared according to your order with a variety of extras
  • Pizza , stuffed pastry (Sambusek) , Greek salad Vinisuaz , califlower in tehina.
  • We bake our special pittas several times a day in a special oven.
  • Sweets , fruit shakes , pancakes , Sahlab , Malaby , fruit salad ans a plate of the fruits of the season.
  • The restaurant and the cafe are open from 7 a.m until midnight.
  Maher?   What is the atmosphere like on the beach?  
  The owner and the acting manager of the beach will cater to all your requests , answer all your questions , and fulfill every need to ensure that you will enjoy an unforgettable vacation.
  Maher is beach manager who boasts 12 years of experience, married plus 4 daughters , a man of vast experience , wise and funny.
  • The peace and tranquility of Sinai- the only sound you hear is the lapping of the waves
  • A boutique beach with 15 rooms
  • A carefree and family-like atmosphere
  • Showers and rest rooms
  • New and modern rest rooms and showers , groomed and squeaky clean
  • Hot water in winter

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